Our idea of Take Away ZERO WASTE

Legend tells that the Schiscetta was born from the intuition of a Milanese who, like all Milaneses, took the tram every day to go to work. One day the tram came to a sudden stop and a passenger lost his lunch that he was holding in his hands. The result? All the soup spilled onto another passenger’s head and lunch was lost. So it was that the need arose to have an airtight container, which kept the food warm and, above all, did not open.

It is our idea of ​​smart take away, with a maximum reduction of waste. By bringing your own container (schiscetta) for our pasta, you will help the environment. But our mission is also to make people happy and the prize we have designed for those who join the initiative is one of the things that makes us happiest ever: a pan of lasagna to share with whoever you want!

All our containers are eco-friendly, compostable and made with organic materials. But it’s not enough: the only way to reduce waste is to reduce the utilization of containers”.

Ask in the shop for the “Mission “Schiscetta” card. Each time you come to take the pasta in take away mode with your own container, a stamp will be applied. At the 10th stamp you can decide when you want to book a lasagna for 2 people among those we will have on the menu every Wednesday and Thursday.

No. One own container = one stamp! Easy!

Example: if I order a portion of Carbonara to put in my own container, I will have a stamp. If I order 3 portions of fresh rigatoni to put in my own container, I will still have a stampa s well. The card is personal and non-transferable

After the 10th stamp, you can decide when to collect your prize. You have until 30/12/2021

Our Lasagne are available every Wednesday and Thursday and you can choose between all kinds of Lasagna available. We suggest you to pre order your favourite one because they are sold out soon.